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zip.pngDavids Tool Kit.pdf HOT
zip.png Home-Built Claymore Mines.pdf HOT
zip.pngHomemade C4.pdf HOT
zip.pngHomemade Detonators.pdf HOT
zip.pngHomemade Grenade Launchers.pdf HOT
zip.pngModern Weapons Caching.pdf HOT
zip.pngNew and Improved C-4.pdf HOT
zip.pngRagnars Big Book of Homemade Weapons.pdf HOT
zip.pngRagnars Ten Best Traps.pdf HOT
zip.pngRagnars guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives.pdf HOT
zip.pngThe Modern Survival Retreat.pdf HOT
zip.png The Most Dangerous Game Advanced Mantrapping Techniques.pdf HOT
zip.pngThe Survival Nurse.pdf HOT
zip.pngThe Survival Retreat.pdf HOT
zip.pngUrban Survival.pdf HOT