I. Our Pledge: honesty and transparency.
All of our reviews will be our honest, no bullshit assessment. Most of our reviews will be of gear we have personally purchased and used but if a piece of gear has been given to us to review it will be clearly stated at the bottom of the article. We do this in the interest of transparency and so our members know that our opinions haven't been skewed or bought.

II. Everyone is welcome.
Preparedness is not a topic for any one group or person. Unless that group is humans. Everyone's view is welcome and desired here. With that being said, we require all of our members to communicate with respect. We do not condone, nor will we tolerate racism or religious bigotry of any sort. Political discourse is welcome, but must be respectful.

III. Foster community.
We feel that preparedness is not only an individual endeavor, but also a community effort. We hope to build a community.

IV. Honor the environment.
Most of the threats that we plan for in prepping have environmental causes. Disease, global warming (yes, it's real), dwindling resources and unsustainable practices. We not only strive to prepare for these events but more so to prevent them. In that spirit, we aim to share our ideas on sustainable living